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Adrian V

Born: 1205 AD
Died: 1276 AD

1205 – Adrian V was born Ottobuono de’ Fieschi on Genoa, Italy.

1243 – Became a papal chaplain as his first clerical position.

1250 – Became Archdeacon of Parma and Reims.

1251 – Appointed Cardinal Deacon of San Adriano by his uncle Pope Innocent IV.

1265 – Went ot Englnd to become a mediator between Henry III of England and his barons.

1268 – Issued a set of canons that became the basis of church law in England.

1276 – On July 12, 1276, elected Pope to succeed Innocent V but he died on August 18, 1276 without being ordained. During his reign as Pope, he annulled Pope Gregory X’ papal bull.