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Addison, Thomas

Born: 1793 AD
Died: 1860 AD
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1793 – Born on April in Longbenton, Northumberland.

1812 – He entered the University of Ediburgh as a medical student.

1818 – He received the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

        – He moved from Edinburgh to London the same year and became a house surgeon (a surgical resident)

               at the Lock Hospital.

1819 – He obtained his licentiateship in the Royal College of Physicians.

1824 – He was promoted to assistant physician on the 14th of January.

1827 – He was appointed lecturer of materia medica.

1835 – He was joint lecturer with Richard Bright on practical medicine.

1837 – He became a full physician at Guy’s Hospital.

1840 – He became sole lecturer when Bright retired from the lectureship.

1854 – He held this position as a sole lecturer.

        – He was one of the most respected physicians at the Guy’s Hospital where he exerted a great deal

                 of influence, devoting himself almost wholly to his students and patients.

1860 – He suffered from many episodes of marked depression that contributed to his retirement.

1860 – He committed suicide on the 29th of June at the age of 72.

2.5 (49.33%) 15 votes