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Addington, Henry

Born: 1757 AD
Died: 1844 AD

1757 – Addington was born in Holborn, London on May 30, 1757.

1779 – Studied at Winchester and Brasenose College, Oxford, and took up law at Lincoln’s Inn.

1784 – Elected to the House of Commons as a Member of the Parliament for Devizes.

1989 – Appointed as the Speaker of the House of Commons.

1801 – Succeeded Pitt after failing to achieve Catholic emancipation.

1802 – Became Prime Minister after Pitt. Addington’s ministry played a key role in the negotiation of the Treaty of Amiens.

1806-1807 – Became Lord President of the Council under the leadership of Pitt.

1812-1817 – Became Home Secretary, during his term he was responsible for the suspension of habeas corpus.

1844 – Died in Richmond, Surrey on February 15, 1844.