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Adams, Walter Sydney

Born: 1876 AD
Died: 1956 AD
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1876 – Born on the 20th of December in Antioch, Syria.

1885 – He was brought to United States with his missionary parents.

1898 – He graduated from Dartmouth College, then continued his education in Germany.

         – He began a career in Astronomy that culminated when he became director of the Mount Wilson


        – He was able to demonstrate that spectra could be used to determine whether a star was a giant or

             a dwarf.

1915 – He began a study of the companion of Sirous and found that despite a size only slightly larger than

            the Earth.

         – He discovered the strong presence of carbon dioxide in the infrared spectrum of Venus.

1956 – He died on the 11th of May in Pasadena, California.

2.9 (58%) 10 votes