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Adams, Samuel Hopkins

Born: 1871 AD
Died: 1958 AD
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1871 – Born on the 26 of January in Dunkirk, New York.

1891 – He graduated from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

        – He was a reporter for the New York Sun and then joined McClure’s Magazine for nine years.

1905 – He wrote for Collier’s Weekly "The Great American Fraud".

1906 – He exposed many of the false claims made about patent medicines, pointing out that in some cases

              these medicines were damaging the health of the people using them.

1911 – He exposed the misleading advertising that companies were using to sell their products.

1920 – He wrote two novels, Flaming Youth and Unforbidden Fruit, dealing with the sexual urges of young

              women in the Jazz Age.

        – He published them under the pseudonym "Warner Fabian" so that his other works would not be tainted

              by any scandal accruing to these novels.

1958 –  He died on the 15th of November.

2.7 (54.12%) 17 votes