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Adams, Samuel

Born: 1722 AD
Died: 1803 AD
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1722 – Born in Boston; birth of the major leader in the American Revolution


1730s-1740s – Attended Harvard


           – Became active in colonial politics and enjoyed a popular following through his activities in the Boston political clubs including the the Caucus Club


           – Effective as spokesman for the popular party opposed to the entrenched circle around the royal governor


1756-1764 – Tax collector of Boston


1765 – Organized the protest against the STAMP ACT


          – Founded the SONS OF LIBERTY


1765-1775 – The most influential member of the lower house of the Massachusetts legislature


         – Drafted most of the major protest documents, including the Circular Letter (1768) against the



1770 – Led agitation to demand removal of quartered British troops after Boston Massacre


1772 – Main founder of Boston Committee of Correspondence


          – Wrote frequently for the press in defense of colonial rights


1773 – He was a principal organizer of the Boston Tea Party


1774-1782 – Massachusetts delegate to Continental Congress


1794-1797 – Lieutenant governor of Massachusetts


1793-1797 Governor of Massachusetts


         – A more conservative figure in later years, he condemned the farmers’ actions during SHAYS”S REBELLION and endorsed ratification of the federal Constitution


1803 – Died on October 2

3.5 (70.58%) 225 votes