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Adams, Richard George

Born: 1920 AD
Currently alive, at 95 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Novelists


1920 - He was born on the 9th of May in Newbury, Berkshire, England.

1940 - He served in the British Army for six years.

1948 - He was given a Class B discharge to continue his studies and he received a master's degree from

              Worcester College at Oxford University.

         - He was a senior civil servant who worked as an Assistant Secretary for the Department of Agriculture.

1972 - His best-known work has sold over 50 million copies world-wide, earning him more than all his other

                books put together.

1974 - He has been a full-time author of his second novel "Shardik".

1983 - He also contested the general election.

         - He now lives, with his wife, Elizabeth, within 10 miles of his birthplace.


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