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Adams, John Michael Geoffrey Manningham

Born: 1931 AD
Died: 1985 AD
2.9 (57.55%) 98 votes

1931 – Adams was born on September 24, 1931.

1951 – Graduated at Oxford University in Britain with a masters degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

1965 – Adams was called to the British Bar. He was a devoted lawyer for improving the social, economic and wellfare of the people of Barbados.

1966 – Elected as a member of the parliament when Barbados became independent.

1971 – Appointed as the Leader of the Opposition. He possessed an intellect a combination of mind sharpness with an accurate memory. He only needs a few words and litte time to understand what was being told and would answer with his own knowledge and personal experience.

1976-1985 – Served as the Prime Minister of Barbados for nine years. In the year 1979, Adams deployed members of the Barbados Defence Force to suppress a short-lived rebellion by a group of young people in the Union Island. He took a lead to form the Eastern Caribbean Security Alliance. Adams died at his official residence on March 11, 1985 due to heart attack.

2.9 (57.55%) 98 votes