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Adams, Henry Brooks

Born: 1838 AD
Died: 1918 AD
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1838 – Born in Boston


          – An American historian, was the son of Charles Francis Adams and the descendant of two presidents


1850-1860 – Gradually abandoned his family’s involvement in politics to pursue the study of history


                      – Traveled abroad as the secretary of his father after completing his studies at Harvard


1870 – Taught history at Harvard


         – Became the editor of the North American Review, a reform journal that focused attention on corruption

and advocated civil service reforms


1877-1879 – Edited the papers and wrote a biography of Albert Gallatin


1880 – Anonymously published a satirical novel, Democracy


1889-1891 – His research in this period of American history culminated in his 9-volume History of the United States


1885 – His wife’s suicide lead him to searching for new meaning in life and history


1913 – In Mont Saint Michel and Chartres, a spiritual odyssey; expressed his admiration for the medieval church


1918 – The Education of Henry Adams, an autobiography


1918 – Died on March 27

2.2 (44%) 10 votes