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Adams, Gerard

Born: 1948 AD
Currently alive, at 70 years of age.
3.1 (61.94%) 31 votes

1948 – Adams was born in West Belfast on October 6, 1948.

1950 – Attended Saint Finian’s Primary School under the teaching of the De La Salle Christian Brothers. He went to Saint Mary’s Christian Brothers Grammar School after passing the Eleven-Plus Exam.

1960 – Became involved in the civil rights campaign.

1970 – Due to the violent conflicts between Catholic republicans and Protestant loyalist, the British security believed Adams to be a senior member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), he was arrested.

1972 – Adams was imprisoned without trial and he was released in July the same year. He took part in the talk of ceasefire between the Catholic and Protestant Factions.

1973 – Arrested due to suspicion of being a senior member of IRA after he was photograped at the funeral of IRA man Francis Ligget dressed in the IRA’s Black beret marching with other IRA member. After his arrest he tried to escape from Long Kesh Prison Camp, due to his action he served eighteen months.

1978 – Charged again due to speculation of being an IRA member, but he was released due to insufficient evidence to convict him.

1980 – Played a key figure in the Northern Ireland peace process.

1981 – Played an important role in the campaign for political status fo the political prisoners whoo took part in the hunger strike.

1982 – Topped the poll in West Belfast in the Assembly elections. In December, Adams was banned by William Whitelaw from entering Britain to speak to Labour MPs and councillors at the invitation of the leader of the Greater London Council, Ken Livingstone MP.

1983 – Became the first Sinn Fein MP elected to the British House of Commons.

1984 – Adams was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt by the Ulster Freedom Fighters. The gunmen fired twenty shots to the car in which he was travelling.


1997 – Re-elected as MP for West Belfast.


1998 – Elected to the Assembly.


2001 – Adams was again re-elected as MP for West Belfast.


2003 – Adams was again elected to the Assembly.


3.1 (61.94%) 31 votes