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Adam, John

Born: 1735 AD
Died: 1826 AD
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1735 – He was born on the 30th day of October this year in


1764 – He married Miss Abigail Smith, the daughter of a Congregational minister, at Weymouth, Massachusetts. Their children were Abigail Amelia; future president John Quincy ; Susanna Adams; Charles; Thomas Boylston ; and Elizabeth who died at birth.


1765 – He delivered a speech before the governor and council in which he pronounced the Stamp Act invalid on the ground that Massachusetts, being without representation in Parliament, had not assented to it.


1770 – He was a sponsor of the American Revolution in Massachusetts, and a diplomat in this year.


1774 – He entered the Continental Congress.


1775 – War broke out between the colonies and the British Empire. He was one of the first few delegates to recognize that a compromise with the British was pointless.


1776 – He was a driving force for independence this year; in fact, he was the "Colossus of Independence" in Jefferson’s understanding.


1780 – The Massachusetts’ new constitution, ratified in this year and written largely by Adams himself, structured its government most closely on his views of politics and society.


1785 – He was appointed the first American minister to the Court of St. James (that is, ambassador to Great Britain).


1789 – He became the first ever Vice-president of the United States of America in this year.


1797 – He became the 2nd President of USA on the 4th day of March this year.


1800 – In this year’s revolution, he was defeated in the re-election.


1826 – He died on the 4th day of July this year.






















2.7 (54.67%) 15 votes