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Acharius, Erik

Born: 1757 AD
Died: 1819 AD
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 1757 – Born on the 10th of October in Gavle, Sweden.

1773 – He matriculated at Uppsala University and was one of the last of the
            students of Linnaeus.

1782 – He later worked for the Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm and completed
            his medical studies at Lund University.

1785 – He was appointed town medical officer in Vadstena.

1789 – He was the district medical officer in Ostergotland County.

1795 – He was director of the new Vadstena Hospital.

       – He was a member of the Royal Physiographic Society in Lund.

1796 – He was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

1801 – He was a member of the Linnean Society of London and the Royal Society of
            Sciences in Uppsala

1803 – He was a titular professor.

1819 – He died on the 14th of August.

2.9 (58.87%) 53 votes