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Abravanel, Judah Leon

Born: 1460 AD
Died: 1523 AD
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1460 – Born in Lisbon, Portugal.

1483-1492 – Judah Abravanel accompanied his father, Isaac Abravanel, when the latter went to Spain (1483), and afterward to Naples (1492).

1502 – His most important work, Dialoghi di Amore (Dialogues of Love), was written. Beside this work, he wrote, at the request of Pico de Mirandola, an astronomical work, which has remained unpublished, and several Hebrew poems, which have been embodied in the works of his father. He wrote also an elegy on the vicissitudes of the age in which he lived.

1505 – He became physician in ordinary to the Spanish captain-general Gonsalvo of Cordova. From there he went to Genoa and later to Venice, where he finally settled. He never abandoned the faith of his forefathers.

2.9 (58.42%) 38 votes