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Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud

Born: 1924 AD
Currently alive, at 91 years of age.

Nationality: Saudi
Categories: King


1924 - Born on the 1st of August in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

1963 - He was given the position of Commander of the Saudi Arabian National Guard in August.

1975 - He was in the position of Second Deputy Prime Minister in March.

1982 - He was in the position of First Deputy Prime Minister in June.

1995 - He had previously acted as de facto regent and thus ruler of  Saudi Arabia.

2005 - He succeeded the throne on the 1st of August, following the death of his half-brother, King Fahd.

        - He was formally enthroned on the 3rd of August, but he inherited the title of King immediately after the

               death of his half-brother.


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