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Abdallah, Ahmed Abderemane (Ahmed Abdallah)

Born: 1919 AD
Died: 1989 AD, at 70 years of age.

Nationality: Comorian
Categories: Presidents


1919 - Born on the 12th of June in Domoni, Island ofAnjouan.

1940 - He began participating in the government.

1949 - He was the President of the general council for four years.

1970 - He was the chairman of the chamber of deputies.

1972 - He became the leader of his political party, the Comoros Democratic Union (UDC).

       - He was the president of the government council and Chief Minister of the Comoros, he served

              that position for three years.     

       - He became the first president of the independent islands, when the islands became independent

              from France.

1975 - He was overthrown by Said Mohamed Jaffar in a coup d'etat, on the 3rd of August.

1976 - He was overthrown by Ali Soilih.

1978 - He who had been living in exile in Paris, France, staged a coup against Soilih with the help

               of mercenary Bob   Denard.
       - He became the lone chair on the 3rd of October.

       - He assumed the title of president and remained in office until his death on the 25th of October.

1982 - He had the Comoros Democratic Union (UDC) and all other parties abolished, and a new party,

              the Comorian Union for Progress (UCP), was set up.
1984 - He was re-elected unopposed.

1989 - He was assassinated in the capital, Moroni, on the 26th of November during a coup led by Ali

              Soilih's half-brother, Said Mohamed Djohar.


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