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Abd ar-Rahman, Mulai

Born: 1778 AD
Died: 1859 AD
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1778 – He was born in Morocco into the house of Alaouite dynasty.

1822-1859 – His reign began at the start of the French occupation of Algeria. Morocco supported the Algerian resistance movement led by the Kabylian hero Emir Abdelkader during this period. In 1856, Moulay Abderrahmane established the souk of Zraqten on the north side of the High Atlas, adding to territory in southern Morocco controlled by the Glaouis, who were caids ruling various southern areas from the 1700’s until Moroccan independence, after originally settling in Telouet to establish a souk. They would tax caravans travelling from the Sahara and Tafilalt regions as well as taxing goods sold locally. The Agdal Gardens, a two-square-mile irrigated garden offering the shade of hundreds of fruit trees amidst the hot desert lands, had been established by the Almoravids in the 12th century and enlarged several times in the days of the Saadians. It was revamped and encircled by ramparts under Abd ar-Rahman Mulai’s reign. When he died, he was succeeded by Mohammed IV of Morocco.

2.3 (45.88%) 17 votes