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Abd al-Krim

Born: 1882 AD
Died: 1963 AD
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1882 – Born in Ajdir, Morocco to a qadi (Islamic judge) of the Ait Yusuf clan of the Aith Uriaghel (or Waryaghar) tribe.

1915 – He entered the Spanish governmental structure, and was appointed chief qadi for Melilla in 1915, as well as editing the Arabic section of the newspaper El Telegrama del Rif.

1917 – He came to oppose Spanish domination, and was imprisoned in 1917 for saying that Spain should not expand beyond its current dominions (which in practice excluded most of the effectively ungoverned Rif), and for expressing sympathy for the Germans in World War I.

1919 – He returned to Ajdir in 1919 and, with his brother, began to unite the tribes of the Rif into an independent Republic of the Rif. In this cause, he tried to end existing inter-tribal feuds.

1921 – Abd-el-Krim sent their General, Manuel Fernández Silvestre, a warning that if they crossed the Amekran River he would consider it an act of war. Silvestre is said to have laughed, and shortly afterwards set up a military post across the river at Abarán. By mid-afternoon of the same day a thousand Rifains had surrounded it; 179 Spanish troops were killed, and the remainder were forced to retreat. Soon afterwards, Abd el-Krim directed his forces to attack the Spanish lines, with great success – in three weeks 8,000 Spanish troops were killed, and at Annual an army of 13,000 was forced to retreat by only 3,000 Rifains.

1926-1947 – El-Krim was exiled to the island of Réunion (a French territory) from 1926 to 1947, when he was given permission to live in the south of France, but succeeded in gaining asylum in Egypt instead, where he presided over the Liberation Committee for the Arab Maghreb.

1963 – He died in exile on February 6, 1963 at Cairo.

2.4 (48.15%) 27 votes