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Abbott, Charles

Born: 1762 AD
Died: 1832 AD
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1762 – Born on the 7th of October Canterbury in in South East England. 1787 – He entered Middle Temple to pursue his legal profession on the advice of Justice Buller. 1796 – He practised as a special pleader under the bar, and was finally called at the Inner Temple.         – He joined the Oxford circuit and soon made rapid headway. 1801 – He was appointed recorder of Oxford. 1802 – Appeared his Law Relative to Merchant Ships and Seamen,a concise and excellent treatise. 1808 – He was in a position to refuse a seat on the bench. 1816 – He was made judge of the Court of Common Pleas. 1818 – He was promoted to the Chief Justiceship of the King’s Bench due to the resignation of Lord

             Ellenborough. 1820 – As Chief Justice he presided over several important state trials, notably that of Arthur Thistlewood

            and the Cato Street conspirators. 1827 – He was raised to the peerage as Baron Tenterden, of Hendon. 1832 – He died on the 4th of November, and was buried, by his own desire, in the Foundling Hospital,

              London, of which he was a governor.

1.7 (33.56%) 90 votes