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Abbott, Austin

Born: 1831 AD
Died: 1896 AD
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1831 – He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on the 18th of December.


1851 – He graduated from New York University.


1852 – He was admitted to the bar and became a partner in the legal firm Abbott Bros., a firm he stayed with through 1870.


1854 – He married Ella E. D. Gilman.


1865 – He assisted commissioners in preparing the codes of New York.


1881 – He took the case against Guiteau and won. The case was one of the first highly publicized uses of the insanity defense in the United States. He would later become the dean of the law school at New York University, and the professor of pleading, equity, and evidence there as well.


1896 – Died on the 19th of April.

2.2 (43.45%) 110 votes