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Abbas, Mahmoud

Born: 1935 AD
Currently alive, at 83 years of age.
2.1 (42.06%) 126 votes

1935 – Born on the 26th of March in Safed, Palestine.

1948 – His family became refugees during the war and settled in Syria.

         – He graduated from the University of Damascus in Syria.

1950 – He became heavily involved in underground Palestinian politics, joining a number of exiled Palestinians

             in Qatar.

1957 – He was one of the founding members of Fatah.

1993 – He was the first Palestine Liberation Organization official to visit Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War in


2003 – His appointment as Palestinian Prime Minister, was heavily criticized as an example of Holocaust Denial.
          – He served as the first Prime Minister of Palestinian Authority.

2005 – He was Elected President of the Palestinian National Authority on the 9th of January.

          – He refused to disarm Palestinian militants and use force to act against groups of "terrorist


         – on the 25th of July, He announced that he will move his office to Gaza until the complete withdrawal

              of Israeli troops.

2006 – On the 16th of December, he called for new legislative elections, to bring an end to the parliamentary

               stalemate between Fatah and Hamas in forming a national unity government.

2.1 (42.06%) 126 votes